Maintenance and Services

Unit maintenance is recommended to ensure the refrigerated units running smoothly and optimised its performance.

Preventive Maintenance

  1. Install the unit on a level and steady surface 
  2. All repairs and modifications should only be performed by qualified technicians. Attempting to perform these yourself could result in a fire, malfunction and injury. 
  3. Keep product away from large amounts of water. Do not saturate when washing use only spray disinfectants as this could result in short circuit or electric shock 
  4. Do not damage, modify, bend, twist or bundle up the power cord that inevitably could damage it and resulting in electrical shock or fire. 
  5. Use a dedicated wall outlet. Do not use extension or sharing cords as this could result in electrical shock, overheating and fire 
  6. Units are intended for indoor use only. Outdoor usages exposing the unit to direct natural elements i,e rain and sun can result in product damage and will void the warranty. Unit may not perform to its maximum capacity if it is located outdoor. 
  7. Keep away from hot air sources such as direct sunlight, stoves, hot plates since this will reduce the cooling performance. 
  8. Make sure there is adequate space between unit and the wall. If there is no space, cooling capacity may not be maximize 
  9. Never attempt to insert foreign objects into cold air suction cutlet or into condenser part, as a circulation fan is rotating at high speed. Injury, electrical shock and improper operation could result.

Regular User Maintenance

Regular cleaning is recommended to optimise the operation of refrigerated units. Please follow steps below to ensure the fridge / freezer performs at its best.

  1. Empty all products from the cabinet 
  2. Switch off and unplug the unit, disconnecting the cabinet from its power supply 
  3. Clean the interior and exterior of the cabinet with a soft cloth using minimal spray disinfectant 
  4. Wipe door seal gaskets with a damp cloth and check door seal 
  5. Check the condenser for any visual restriction or dust and vacuum or brush it 
  6. Reconnect unit to a power supply and turn on